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This  website features the ceramic artwork of Joseph Pintz.  I hope to share with you some insights into my functional and sculptural ceramics.

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Art of the Kitchen, Lill Street Art Center

Eutectic @ NCECA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA

Solo show, Eutectic Gallery in August 2018

Red Handed Invitational, The Clay Lady Campus, Nashville, TN

Fluid Ounces 2018, Louisiana State University, Glassell Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA

Ceramics Biennial Exhibition, Concordia University, St Paul, MN

WILD : BLUE, Radius Gallery, Missoula, MT


Brick, Schaller Gallery, St. Joseph, MI

In September 2016, I worked with 'Steinbeisser's Experimental Gastronomy,' a creative-culinary collective based in Amsterdam that pairs chefs with artistically crafted cutlery and tableware. They hosted a 7-course meal in Saratoga, CA under the guidance of Chef David Kinch (Manresa***), Chef Corey Lee (Benu***) and Chef Matthew Kirkley (COI**). Here's a link to more info on this unique event. 

Shovel plate with garden herb sorbet & bitter cacao by the amazing pastry chef Stephanie Prida at Manresa restaurant. Photography by Eric Wolfinger for Steinbeisser

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